Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Century Property Investment in Indonesia

Batam Business: These days have money do not have money just as difficult. If you have money, we also want to store where confused. Want to be stored in the bank, afraid burglarized people (remember the case of Century Bank), want to buy pure gold, eh fear of being robbed people. Bought into the stock, the condition fluctuates. Want to make business fear go bankrupt.

But the calm current readers POSMETRO PT Century Property Indonesia (CPI), as one of the leading property companies in Indonesia has created new business for the owners of capital who do not want to bother managing their capital. Even in this business owner will receive a capital gain of 100 to 150 percent within a year.

"It's not MLM (multi level markerting) is strictly business, but who runs another company," said Dani Agent CPI for the Riau Islands.

He explained that the current CPI is a relationship with Century Properties Incorporation a leading property development company that has been experienced for 24 years in property development, marketing and management.

In addition, CPI is also working with Cuffz Holdings Pte Ltd in Singapore, a company engaged in the business portfolio and property management.
Well, for those residents who are interested in Batam menggiur businesses do this, simply buy an e-unit price of Rp1 million per unit.

Consumer money that goes into the CPI will be used for the construction of the properties in Indonesia and even the world such as apartments and so on.
"Well, after a year of e-consumers can sell his unit back, or take profits without selling the e-unit," explained Daniel.

Businesses like this stock very ensuring explained Dani and has a good prospect, because the growth properties in the Riau Islands in Indonesia, especially very rapidly with the demand that is not half-hearted.

"It must be lucky, you can look around, the growth is extraordinary properties, like mushrooms, ranging from houses, shophouses, apartments, condos and other sbagainya, so why worry," explained dani.
Well, for more details of this business neighbor, Danielle invites residents of Batam and Riau Islands in free dinners together with the Director of the CPI. For those of you who live in Tanjung Pinang, this dinner will be held on Tuesday, 5 April 2011 at 18:30 am at the Hotel Laguna.

"As for the residents of Batam held on Thursday April 7, 2011, at 18:30 pm at Hotel Pacific love match," said Dani.
For the people of Riau Islands who want to know more about the CPI can simply attend these dinners. For more information and a free dinner invitation can call 085 668 613 168. (Ikl-mb2/one).

Cluster Manggala Kingdom only 100 million

Batam Business: Owning a house is the primary requirement that must be met every person, especially the family head. But other than a house, we also must consider the position we will take home.

Close to urban areas, highways, places of education, free of disasters and other means of support, is paramount. Just imagine if we lived in remote areas that are still deserted, apart from hard to build interksi, our knowledge of the outside world will also be very limited.
Well, for those of you who have plans to buy a house, this time POSMETRO give references for purchase in the area Batuaji and Tanjunguncang. Why both derah become a choice? The result of our observation, in the two areas that are currently being carried out intensively-incessant development. If we can see, housing grew like mushrooms, as well as shop premises, markets, places of education and highway construction.

Tanjunguncang Batuaji and today is no longer an area used to always say "the genie bertendang" Because Batuaji and Tanjunguncang has become a city, the economic and industrial center of Batam.
Of the many properties that are built in the area, we assess PT Bumi Mandala Putra as the developer who has professionalism. The building housing and shophouses have yielded fairly good design and quality, as well as the Cluster Mangala Kingdom, which was built with the concept of real estate and real cluster Batuaji first in the region.

"We also do not build many houses in the cluster, just 50 units, so that consumers who occupy these homes can enjoy the convenience," said Lukman, Marketing Cluster Manggala Kingdom yesterday.

The houses are built on two different types, first type with an area of ​​36/72, while the second type 38/78. All of them are in a complex with a security gate and 24 hours.

"The location is very strategic, in the street through which the public tranpostasi lane route Kitchen 12," said Lukman. In addition, this cluster is also very close to schools and offices Sei Lekop Village, so that people who have school-age children, not to worry and not bother looking for a place their children's school. So do the people who will take care of all kinds of documents can be easily visited headman's office.

"Housing we are also very close to the industrial area Tanjunguncang shipyard, the shipyard employees can quickly go to work and go home," lid Lukman.
For this month, Lukman explained that Mangala Cluster Kingdom held a large-scale promotion. House prices also open from Rp100 million.

"Where there are clusters worth Rp100 million today. Only we are brave," said Lukman.
In addition to price promotions, consumers who buy this housing will also be free of cost Rights Certificate (SHGB) and Sale and Purchase Deed (AJB).

"Just stay down payment consumers, the credit agreement at the bank and occupy his house, without have to think about other costs that usually make trouble," said Lukman.
Well for lebihlanjut information about this housing you can contact 0813 6405 0666, or come directly to the sales office Manggala Cluster Kingdom. (Ikl-mb3)

Housing and commercial Earth Batu Aji Agung Permai, Equipped with Family Facilities

Batam Business: Housing and commercial Batuaji Bumi Agung Permai, may provide a good choice for those who are looking for family shelter once a place of business and investment, because housing is launching this new addition to having a location that strategim also currently offering a very special price for its customers .

Housing developed by PT Herafika Kalsindo is built on a land area of ​​about three hectares. In addition to the house with type 38, Bumi Agung Permai will also be adorned by a row of shop houses (commercial) constructed with type 55.

"We will build some 120 housing units of type 38. While the shop we are building 80 units of type 50," said Aswin, Project Leader Earth Great when found at the construction site yesterday.

Currently the land is complete Aswin explain leveled and ready to be built. "The road was already paved entrance housing, housing development and the shop will be ready soon, so no later than January 2012 is, semuanyan're ready," said Aswin.

Aswin also said the housing and shophouses which will soon be built this modern minimalist design, where homes already use allumunium sills, with Gypsum ceiling to floor is full and ceramics.

"We also will build housing facilities such as integrated health, houses of worship, parks and fasum where children play," he continued. According to him, there is a distinct advantage for consumers who buy homes and shop in the Great Earth Permai, among others, access is very close to Plaza Aviari, SP Plaza and schools. "Location is already busy people," said Aswin.

If it is for very, very affordable price. "We're open from Rp95 million to housing prices, while for the shop ranging from Rp145 million per unit," he explained. Well if you want to have housing or shop Agung Permai this Earth you can buy by way of cash or through a home loan where the down payment for a house just 10 percent.

"The money could also face repayable over 12 times. So also with the office, only the difference advances to shop by 20 percent," said Aswin. For those of you who are interested just come to the office of marketing at PT Herafika Kalsindo Komplek Ruko Mitra Raya Blok C No. 3A, Batamcentre or may contact 0778 461 621, 08127037599. (Ikl-mb3/one)